One Smart Girl


What does it mean to forgive someone? As we all know as adults forgiveness can be a hard thing to do.  We have all learned that forgiveness is about “you” healing and forgiving the person that did you wrong.

My problem is that I never forget – but that’s another story.

A baseball player named Joey Casselberry a first basemen from Bloomsburg University who apparently never learned that it’s not nice to talk about little girls recently tweeted –

 “Disney is making a movie about Mo’ne Davis ? What A JOKE.  That slut got rocked by Nevada

Needless to say his tweet caught the attention of everyone who were not pleased with his comments. His account was deactivated and Bloomsburg University dismissed him stating and said it was “deeply saddened” by Casselberry’s tweet, noting “his words do not represent Bloomsburg University.”

So after the fact Joey Casselberry was of course sorry – like all those before him who realized the hard way that Twitter is not always your friend.  He said –

“An example that one stupid tweet can ruin someone’s life and I couldn’t be more sorry about my actions last night. I please ask you to.” “Forgive me and truly understand that I am in no way shape or form a sexist and I am a huge fan of Mo’ne. She was quite an inspiration.”

Now Mo’ne who at 13 years old shows way more class and maturity along with her coach Alex Rice reached out to Bloomsburg University asking the President of the University to reconsider Casselberry’s dismissal.  She also said on ESPN recently that “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

I hope Casselberry learned something from Mo’ne because she definitely is one smart girl.