SOMETIMES the little guy wins.

The Toronto Raptors did not let up and went toe to toe with the Cleveland Cavaliers during Game 4.  Now they almost took their considerable lead for granted and allowed the Cavs to catch up.  But Kyle Lowry was the little engine that could and refused to quit.  He put his team on his back and 32 points later came out with a win.

The Toronto Raptors is the kind of team you cannot help but root for.  They are scrappy and annoying and get into your face and because of all that they earned a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Cavs had all but pulled out their brooms thinking we got this – let us sweep them up.  But you do not play that with the Raptors – keep your damn brooms in your closet and wait a minute son!

Lowry is the motivator, DeRozan keeps them hype, Carroll has their back and The Bis – that’s Bismack Biyombo to you well he’s the muscle.

I’m sure the Cavs are still in shock – remember LeBron was looking forward to playing with his buddy D-Wade.

But now the true test – can the Raptors win in Cleveland? Well they have two games under their belt that says “bring it!”