Ahhhhh..  Do you smell that?  That’s not just any old aroma.  That is the smell of fresh cut grass in the air.  That means… [sniffle] football season is upon us.  Yes, that time of year where the blood pressure goes up and the list of fried foods are endless.   I know what you’re thinking…”Bee Gee it’s only pre-season” and to that I’d say you are absolutely right.  You have to get excited because the real games of fall are right around the corner.  This is the time of year where I don’t miss summer so much because football season is like air – I need it!

To those that say it’s just glorified practice.  I say tell that to the 80 plus players trying to make that 53 man roster.  You are not going to tell me you have not watched one episode of Hard Knocks.   If that can’t get you going, nothing else will.  I don’t know about you, but, I need to see the antics of one James Harrison in the locker room.

There can be catastrophic injuries to great veteran players as well during this time of glorified practice.  But, you have to do something to get the competitive juices flowing before live fire.  A dress rehearsal if you will. I’m sure some of you are thinking…. “That is still not a reason for pre-season.”   You will get no argument from me on that one.  The risk just may not be worth the reward.  But, it’s still nice to have something that builds the anticipation for what is to come.

The fourth quarters of these pre-season games are what I look forward to the most.  A time to see players that you recognize that you didn’t think may have gotten picked up by a team.  Players that came from schools that you didn’t even know exist.  Maybe even off-spring of players that you didn’t know had kids in the league.  It’s a time for the who’s who to show up and show out.  That’s what pre-season is to me.

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