Recently the biggest star in basketball LeBron James said he will not let his sons play football – he said “only basketball, baseball & soccer in his house.”

Over the past year several high profile athletes like Joe Namath, Arian Foster and Kurt Warner said they would not want their sons playing football.  Brett Favre who only has two daughters said if he had a son he would be “leery” to let him play football.

It’s no secret to anyone who is a fan of the sport or the casual observer that football is an extremely violent sport.  The shelf life of some of the positions is not long and some running backs have described getting hit like hitting a Mack truck; and who doesn’t think of the NFL when they hear the word “concussion.”

The NFL hasn’t done themselves any favors over the years by disputing that they had a “concussion problem.” But over the years we have all seen the stories about athletes who have a history of brain trauma either committing violent acts towards others and those who have committed suicide.

In September the New York Times did a story where the NFL agreed that brain trauma will affect one in three players a startling admission by the league.

Now those who know me know I have been a fan of the sport since I was a little girl. A few months ago I caught a marathon of Friday Night Tykes and I was freaked out a little bit.  The coaches cussing out seven and eight year olds turned me off first but then I saw one of the little boys get hit and he didn’t get up right away.  There was a nurse there who asked him if he was okay and he said he was and they let him continue to play.  That made me extremely nervous – later the parents had him checked out and he was indeed fine.  But it made me think – would I want my son to play football?

I’ve been reading that soccer is actually more dangerous than football – similar injuries – concussions, torn ACL’s etc. and those players are less protected.

All sports have a level of danger to them and guess what sometimes kids get hurt. Ultimately it’s up to parents to protect their kids.

Will I let my son play football – we’ll see.  He’s not here yet – but I’m not going to rule it out.

It is my prerogative.