R.I.P. Class Act

I had the opportunity to meet Stuart Scott while attending my first NABJ conference in Orlando a couple of years ago.  While at the conference they have a career fair and the ESPN booth needless to say is the largest in the room.  I remember walking into their area and it was like walking into my television seeing all the personalities I normally see on TV live and in person.  But I didn’t get excited until I saw Stuart Scott.

Stuart Scott was the voice I grew up with while watching SportsCenter.  He made ESPN cool and it felt like you were hanging out with a friend while getting sports updates.  I had already known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be part of the broadcasting world.  I knew that one day I was going to do something in radio and television.  But it wasn’t until I got older that it felt right to combine my passions of broadcasting and sports.

Stuart Scott was comfortable in his own skin and watching him have fun was so inspirational.  Also the love he showed for his two daughters was just wonderful to watch.  He had no problem sharing with everyone that he was a father first.  He was a ground breaker who changed how generations now watch sports news.  We all owe him big time for being a true original and doing things his way.

When I met him he was a total class act and I will miss him dearly.