Raining Orange

During this free agency money has been flying around like never before – it seemed some NFL teams were willing to “make it rain” to get in a better position to win a Super Bowl.

This was definitely the case for the Denver Broncos who are probably still feeling the sting of the Super Bowl beat down by the Seahawks.  John Elway, the General Manager and Executive Vice President of the Broncos was on a mission.  It seemed before you could say “let the free agency games begin” Elway and the Broncos had laid down the gauntlet daring other teams to make a move.

From the Cleveland Browns the Broncos signed T.J. Ward to a 4 year deal worth $23 million dollars with $14 million guaranteed.  When the Cowboys gave him the boot the Broncos scooped up DeMarcus Ware for $3 years and $30 million dollars.

They then dipped their hand in the Patriots pool for the second year in a row and got Aqib Talib for 6 years and $57 million dollars with $26 million guaranteed.

With Peyton having maybe two more seasons left in him the Broncos want to make sure he as the right ingredients to not only get to a Super Bowl but win.