Roll Tide – again!

So we can all agree that there wasn’t a game played during the 2013 BCS Championship between #1 Notre Dame and #2 Alabama.  Because a “game” would have some sort of back and forth between both teams actually competing against each other.  What we all witnessed was a total blow out and beat down.  The Irish were far from lucky and they did not stand a chance.  When Alabama says “Roll Tide” they mean it and rolled all over the struggling Irish.

At one point you were hoping a leprechaun would suit up and help Notre Dame.  Alabama was bigger and stronger.  Watching Alabama running back Eddie Lacy run over and push people out the way was ridiculous – ridiculously good.

Now I didn’t pick Alabama (yeah I can admit it) and it’s not because I’m a big Notre Dame fan.  I was just hoping that someone could give Alabama some competition.  But obviously that didn’t happen and by the time the Irish did score when they were down 35-0 it really didn’t matter anymore.

So what did we learn from this game?

  • The BCS definitely needs a playoff system and 2014 can’t come soon enough. Maybe if we would have had the playoff system this season Oregon or maybe Texas A&M could have been in the championship game.


  • Nick Saban is a coaching beast and I hear in Alabama some folks think he walks on water.  He has won 4 national titles, 4 SEC titles and has never coached a losing season in college.


  • The SEC dominates – they have now won seven BCS titles in a row.  During the last 25 drafts – NFL teams have selected more players from the SEC than any other league.


  • Finally we learned that Brent Musburger wishes he could have been a star quarterback instead of a sportscaster…..