I never had the opportunity to meet Craig Sager personally but somehow you felt like you have known him all of your life.

The colorful suits, the memorable interviews – Craig Sager was more than a sideline reporter – he was part of the fabric of the NBA – he was family.

I remember being devastated like most when I first heard Craig Sager was diagnosed with leukemia.  My father has a form of leukemia so it hit close to home.

But immediately you saw Craig Sager’s strength and you were rooting for him; he was Sager Strong.

I looked forward to always seeing what Sager was wearing – that was just as fun as the basketball games.  You could tell his personality was just as interesting as his attire.  He was definitely one of those reporters you enjoyed to watch and who else could turn Spurs coach Gregg Popovich into a likeable character.

So when the news came across that Craig Sager had died I cried and felt so sad for his family.  Since he was like family the tears flowed and I stayed up late to watch and listen to all the tributes.

My prayers go out to his wife and his children.  I know he’s in a better place and heaven is a lot colorful now.  You will be missed but not forgotten.