Stay or Leave…

As a fan are you really on board with the new college playoff system?  I ask because as a FSU fan it is a bit disappointing.  “Why do you say that Bee Gee?”  Well in this one man’s humble opinion they are doing everything in their powers to discredit any other conference.  I understand that the SEC is a “power house”.  I also understand that they have had more national champions in the past 10 years than any other conference and that means something.  However, is it “right” that no other conference gets love, even if they beat one of the vaunted SEC teams?  I say no.  I’m from the school of… In order to BE the best, you have to BEAT the best.  I know what you are thinking. “Bee Gee does the track record not mean anything?”  Of course it does.  History speaks for itself.  No need to continue to give them the benefit of history current day… is there?


The thing with this undying love being shown for the SEC is that it is a detriment. It turns the average fan away from the process of the ranking system because it makes it very hard to see the fairness of it all.  I know… I know.  “What fairness do you speak of Bee Gee?” Well let’s take a trip into the situation that is the polling system. For example: When MSU lost to Bama they only dropped to the fourth slot.  Say if FSU had lost to Louisville, would FSU have dropped to that same position?  Don’t worry – I will wait your response as I have nothing but, time on my hands.  My answer to that is no.  The reason being is because of the elusive… strength of schedule.  Yes, I understand that Bama was ranked higher at the time than Louisville but, I will let you take a look at this trend that is the SEC love below.


Let’s talk about that for a minute.  What does strength of schedule really mean?  Or should it be the most popular conference?  I understand the SEC has more teams in the top 10 year after year than any other conference.  What exactly does that mean in terms of strength of schedule if you have a UF team that gets all but, blown out by a Georgia Southern team? Now, let’s say you have an undefeated team as in FSU that is also defending national champions.  Is their schedule not THE toughest by right?  Everyone is gunning to be that team that knocks off the defending champs.  Therefore, the entire playbook gets thrown at you week end and week out.  If you are not prepared then you can find yourself in the loss column much quicker than you think.  Unless of course  you are the FSU Seminoles.

That’s just the way I see it.  Not saying that’s the way it ought to be.  Until next time…


Bee Gee

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