Stepping out on Faith

While watching Nik Wallenda walk between two skyscrapers 600 feet above downtown Chicago without a net I was afraid for him. Even though I had seen the last death defying stunt he did – I was still worried and wanted him to make it safely to the other side. I also really liked what he said after he was finished –

“There’s no time for fear,” Wallenda said “I have to stay focused on what I’m doing. If I let fear enter my body then that’s when an accident can happen so I try to just remain very positive and very focused.”

His words really resonated with me. For years while I was at Shawshank aka Corporate America I hid behind fear. While working in the corporate world it was just a “job.”  I was just happy to get a biweekly paycheck. But I was never passionate about what I was doing and always dreamed of doing something else.   Because I allowed fear to take over and I was terrified of failing.

One day I realized that I was letting fear win and that I had already failed because I wasn’t even trying. So like Nik I took my first few steps on the tightrope and I was terrified.  But then something came over me – I let my faith be bigger than the fear.

What was the point of having faith and praying when I didn’t use the power that I had? Faith can go a long way.

So I took that step and with every step it got easier and easier and when I officially decided to take the plunge (sorry Nik I know that’s probably not your favorite word) and left Corporate America I had never been happier. It was both terrifying and satisfying. But like Nik said all I need to do is stay focused on what I’m doing and remain very positive and very focused and then all things are possible.