We’ve come a long way since the birth of Title IX in 1972 that gave equal opportunities for girls to participate in sports.  The new female athlete is strong, she is loud and some can be mean but there is no denying – she rules.

Gone are the days where the female athlete is seen and not heard.  She’s not some fragile girl who has to be nice all the time.  Now don’t get me wrong we do appreciate that girl who set the tone for the girls and women today.   If it wasn’t for those who seemed to always have the perfect hair, perfect smile and considered the girl next door we wouldn’t have the kick-ass chicks today that swear, grunt and have just as many muscles as the guys.

Recently I read an article about the US women’s soccer team who are making news for their off-field antics.  This new team is loud, not shy about saying what’s on their minds and some do not care what people think.  The leader of all this is Hope Solo – the goalkeeper for this team who is not shy to tell you “I’m here to win – not to make friends.”  Solo doesn’t mind the bad girl image because as she tells people she’s just being herself and she will let you know “I’m the best goalie in the world.”  Bravado like that is usually reserved for the guys – they are praised for being their own #1 fan.  Women are usually considered mean or bitchy.  One of my Aunts’ told me that a bitch is someone who is Being In TOTAL Control of Herself (so take that)

Serena Williams is another female athlete who dominates her sport and let’s face it – she’s a total beast on the tennis courts.  She is ranked #1 in women’s singles tennis and just recently won her 53rd WTA title.  Serena now ties with Monica Seles for ninth place in most WTA titles.  She’s fearless and also not worried about what people think of her.

I applaud all of these new strong female athletes – love them or hate them they are doing their thing and making a difference.

So now all of us women who have sports blogs, sites, shows’ on the web etc. it is now our turn to be just as strong and make a difference!  Women who love sports rule!