Tight Is Not Right

Today on That’s What SHE Said Sports we are going to talk about the continuing drama off the field with the NFL and the craziness on the field. FSU barely gets a win and if you want to see this athlete as his last day approaches well it’s going to cost you an arm and […]

“I am not a perfect parent”

Along with the NFL all of us have been asked to discuss uncomfortable topics.  As the conversation with domestic violence goes on we are now discussing what does it mean to discipline your kids and what is considered child abuse at the wake of the Adrian Peterson indictment. Anything that involves kids is and has always been very […]

Tick Tock

The clock is still ticking for the NFL, everyone is still watching to see either “what’s next” or “what more is the NFL going to do” especially as the scandals grow.  First Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald and now Adrian Peterson.   The NFL has hired 3 experts in domestic violence – they will […]