WHAT Happened?

CLOSING out the regular season the Atlanta Hawks looked like the team to beat or at least go toe to toe with.  But they couldn’t handle the Cavs and were swept 4-0 leaving some to ask – what happened? It would be easy to say injuries or they need a super star, we could all […]

The Cracked Shield

Today on That’s What SHE Said Sports we are going to talk about the NFL – is the shield beyond repair? Did Danny Ferry chicken out and is the SEC really all that and a bag of chips? Plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS and so much more! Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Podbean […]


In the wake of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling losing his team and being declared mentally incompetent. He declared that he was not going down without a fight and he would investigate other owners in the league. Well in the shadows of Sterling another NBA owner’s remarks have come to light but this time the […]