It has been rumored for weeks and talked about like never before on every sports program all across the country.  The speculation has been growing; everyone wants to know how athletes and the public would react to an openly gay athlete.  Well now we know with Jason Collins who has come out publicly and said […]


It is time for the NBA Playoffs – can the Lakers beat the Spurs? Will New York sweep Boston and can the Hawks make it out of the first round? Two NBA coaches have been fired; Another Michigan Wolverine goes pro and when will we see Derek Jeter back in a Yankees uniform? All of […]

The “S” Show

We talk and express our condolences about the events at the Boston Marathon; recap the Masters, the NBA Playoffs, who is entering the NBA draft and who were the top picks for the WNBA draft; The Atlanta Braves, NFL news, our BEASTS/BUSTERS and more on That’s What SHE Said Sports.   Subscribe today!   […]


First round of the Masters and guess who is beating Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson? Tiger gets into a little trouble and everybody hears; Our thoughts on the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship games and guess who now has the #1 jersey in the NBA; The Braves are off to their best start since […]

Fade to Black

Final Four weekend, Men’s NCAA National Championship, The women’s NCAA teams are representing in New Orleans; Update on Rutgers and Ed Rush; Clippers are the new Lakers (Kings of LA) and you won’t believe what the NFL is doing next! All that and MORE on “That’s What SHE Said Sports!”   You can find us […]

The Sopranos

Rutgers Mike Rice has finally been fired; What should happen to Ed Rush; better news for Kevin Ware; March Madness; Final Four and we still can’t believe Brittney is out of the tournament.  College coaches moving like never before and its Baseball time! Who is getting paid in the NFL and do they deserve it?  […]


Tiger is #1; The Heat gets #27 and March Madness is all about the new Cinderella team Florida Gulf Coast; Two NCAA basketball coaches get fired; Round 2 of the Women’s NCAA Tournament and who shined at their college pro day? Our BEASTS & BUSTERS and so much more on “That’s What SHE Said Sports […]


The Miami Heat is still hot; Who is left playing for the Baltimore Ravens? A break-up in Chicago and who is getting paid in Dallas? NFL owners make changes and Tiger Woods wants another win.  We share our women’s NCAA tournament predictions and discuss the “Steubenville Rape Case” – our BEASTS & BUSTERS and more […]

The Elegant Lady

What happened during the NBA trade deadline? James Harden, who does Isiah Thomas think is the better athlete – LeBron or MJ? Lance Armstrong, Alex Smith, Tim Tebow and do we need another Twitter Beef? All that and MORE on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and check us out on iTunes! […]


The Ravens Super Bowl Championship parade, Tebow, The Gronk, Tantrums in the NBA and we’re talking about “Rasslin” (ode to A.I.) all that and MORE on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Be sure to take advantage of our T-shirt giveaway!   SUBSCRIBE to our podcast today! On podbean and iTunes!  


Media Day for the 49ers and Ravens in New Orleans, Baseball news, are the Falcons going to Cali?, the BIG 10 is #1 again, the Winter X Games, Special Olympics and Randy Moss loses his mind.  All that and more on That’s What SHE Said Sports! PLEASE Subscribe to our podcast     We […]