Sports fans know that sports can evoke all kinds of emotions- happy, mad, excited, sad, frustration and of course tears.  For all of us who watched the Louisville/Duke game on Sunday night we felt all of those emotions and then some. Louisville’s sophomore guard Kevin Ware, attempting to contest a shot fell and suffered one […]

March Madness Women’s Brackets

“I’m not sure if any of you have followed any women’s college basketball this season.  If not, you are probably like me.  If Brittney Griner was not in the headlines then, it wasn’t news.  Especially after Stanford took it on the chin earlier this season from UConn…..AGAIN.  It’s like a bad dream with them; I […]


So I asked my co-dude to offer his opinion on all things “brackets” as it pertains to the men’s NCAA Tournament.  We also shared our brackets on our latest podcast http://thatswhatshesaidsports.podbean.com/ – here you go and may the best “wo”man win! Bee Gee Final 8 – St. Louis, Duke, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Marquette, Syracuse, Florida and Kansas […]


The ladies are representing like never before – Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins; Gonzaga is #1 for the first time in the school’s history and what’s up with the NEW big east? What team can beat the Heat and guess who wants to give LeBron a million dollars to enter the slam dunk contest.  Is […]


Media Day for the 49ers and Ravens in New Orleans, Baseball news, are the Falcons going to Cali?, the BIG 10 is #1 again, the Winter X Games, Special Olympics and Randy Moss loses his mind.  All that and more on That’s What SHE Said Sports! PLEASE Subscribe to our podcast http://thatswhatshesaidsports.podbean.com/     We […]

Say WHAT???

We break down the Manti Te’o – Katie Couric interview, was Super Bowl 37 sabotaged? What baseball team made the ultimate trade and what NBA player is appealing their fine and wants their $176,000 back? We talk about all that and more including our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports! http://www.thatswhatshesaidsports.podbean.com/   […]

Lance Armstrong

The hottest story out there right now – Lance Armstrong What other hot sports news are we talking about – Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rajon Rondo, the Atlanta Hawks, Jets and the Denver Broncos. We also tell you who is our “Buster” and who is our “Beast”   http://thatswhatshesaidsports.podbean.com/   You can also find us […]


The season is young but some of the rookie stars around the league have already begun to show their mettle and that they belong with the big boys. It appears that the list will be short in the race for Rookie of the Year as a tough combo guard from Weber State is making his […]

As The NBA turns…a basketball soap opera

The soap opera-type drama is in full effect in the Association although it’s only the beginning of the season. The cast of characters, rumors, trades, death stares, and the young talent of the league have all been tantalizing sub-plots so far. The first coaching casualty of the season is Lakers head coach Mike Brown. The […]