Born To Be Hated, Dying To Be Loved

On Friday, March 28th 2014, the Philadelphia Eagles announced to the media that they had released one of the most explosive playmakers in the league. In a press conference later that afternoon, Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman told the media that the Eagles had become “increasingly concerned about Jackson’s off-field activities and his reputed ties to Los Angeles street gang […]

FREE agency Matrix

Anyone else feeling like they are in the Matrix? This free agency has been really strange. First, Chip Kelly gets handed the golden ticket from Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and he goes all Lucious Lyon on the team.  LeSean McCoy (buh bye), Nick Foles (see ya) and it looks like DeMarco Murray will be rocking […]

Hey Kool-Aid

Today we’re talking about Week 1 in the NFL, College Football and Lance Armstrong needs to give up the bronze – all that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports!

Happy 40th

On today’s show we’re talking Aaron Hernandez, Wimbledon, some NBA news and the NBA Draft – All that and more, plus our BEASTS/BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports!   Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts on and iTunes


Apparently Chip Kelly – the former head coach of the University of Oregon Ducks now head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles took a page from Pete Carroll’s book “How to get over at your University and hide out in the NFL.” After what the NCAA called an “intense” investigation (even though I bet USC and […]