THERE was more drama this season during the NBA Finals than an episode of the Young and the Restless.  On and off the court everyone had strong opinions and this was ratings gold for the advertisers. Yes I had picked the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 to win and well….  Regardless of how you […]


SOMETIMES the little guy wins. The Toronto Raptors did not let up and went toe to toe with the Cleveland Cavaliers during Game 4.  Now they almost took their considerable lead for granted and allowed the Cavs to catch up.  But Kyle Lowry was the little engine that could and refused to quit.  He put […]


ALL good things come to those wait. After 40 years the Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions again. The Warriors winning means so much – – Coach Steve Kerr is now the second rookie coach to win the NBA Finals since Pat Riley – The Warriors are the 8th youngest team to win a NBA […]


GAME 5 was everything you want in a NBA Final game. It started out messy and you were beginning to think it was going to be all about the refs.  But it soon turned into the battle of the MVP’s. First, you had LeBron James who is basically playing with four guys from the mall.  […]

There’s No Place Like…

First let me just say LeBron James can do whatever he wants, he’s a grown man with a family and he could do and move where ever he wants too.  I read the open letter that he did in Sports Illustrated.  He has made the decision to return home to Cleveland. I was absolutely stunned […]

THE Worst Decision

Remember breaking up with that person who was clearly no good for you.  Then you eventually found the “right” person and you were so much happier? Sure you have your bumps in the road (what relationship doesn’t?) but it is still way better than that “other” person you kicked to the curb. Sound familiar? If […]