FREE agency Matrix

Anyone else feeling like they are in the Matrix? This free agency has been really strange. First, Chip Kelly gets handed the golden ticket from Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and he goes all Lucious Lyon on the team.  LeSean McCoy (buh bye), Nick Foles (see ya) and it looks like DeMarco Murray will be rocking […]

Super Bowl 49 Champs

The New England Patriots are your Super Bowl champs.  Super Bowl 49 will do down as one of the most controversial games thanks to Pete Carroll and the Seahawks during the last 20 seconds of the game.  Why the pass? Why not use Marshawn Lynch? It also had the most sub-stories before the game – […]

A Big Deal

The Super Bowl is more than a game – it’s an experience. The coolest thing about the Super Bowl is it’s for everyone – fans of football, fans of commercials and of course fans of chicken wings and nachos. The Super Bowl brings us all together and it’s a big deal. This year the Seattle […]

WE are the Champions

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the winners of the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship game.  The one team many didn’t expect to make it to the final four let alone win the championship game. But Urban Meyer and his crew not just won – but silenced the critics. This was also a great win […]

Will he or Won’t he

The Denver Broncos lost to the Indianapolis Colts.  The only take away from that game is will Peyton retire or come back for another season.  Look, it is no secret I am a huge Peyton Manning fan; I was down with him when he was with the Colts and when he got the boot I […]

2014 NFL Beasts & Busters

Coach of the year – Jim Caldwell, head coach of the Detroit Lions Comeback team of the year – Detroit Lions Best side eye – Sean Payton Most embarrassing team – Jets Comeback QB of the year – Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith Most likely to be a backup QB next season – Jay […]

Stay or Leave…

As a fan are you really on board with the new college playoff system?  I ask because as a FSU fan it is a bit disappointing.  “Why do you say that Bee Gee?”  Well in this one man’s humble opinion they are doing everything in their powers to discredit any other conference.  I understand that […]


Recently the biggest star in basketball LeBron James said he will not let his sons play football – he said “only basketball, baseball & soccer in his house.” Over the past year several high profile athletes like Joe Namath, Arian Foster and Kurt Warner said they would not want their sons playing football.  Brett Favre […]


There is just something about Peyton Manning. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time – it’s because of Peyton I was at one time a diehard Colts fan.  It’s now because of Peyton I’m a Broncos fan. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and he now holds the league’s record for career […]

More than Words

After watching the best college game of the season between Florida State and Notre Dame – FSU’s coach Jimbo Fisher and his star quarterback embraced. During the embrace Jimbo Fisher had something to say to Jameis – “Now here’s what you’ve got to do,” Fisher said into Winston’s ear. “Calm down, don’t give them … […]

Tight Is Not Right

Today on That’s What SHE Said Sports we are going to talk about the continuing drama off the field with the NFL and the craziness on the field. FSU barely gets a win and if you want to see this athlete as his last day approaches well it’s going to cost you an arm and […]


Today on That’s What SHE Said Sports we are breaking down the Ray Rice story and it’s impact on the NFL.  Our special guest Randy Zellea our NBA guy and the creator of Back Sports Page is going to help us breakdown the email by the Hawk’s owner Bruce Levenson – racist or racially insensitive […]


It appears Charlie Strong; the head coach at the University of Texas is too strong for some people. Since he started his program taking over from former coach – Mack Brown – he has cut nine players. The latest offensive tackle Kennedy Estelle for violating team rules. The rest of the players – Running back […]


No big surprise that with everything going on in the NFL that some of “it” had to trickle down to the college level. Florida State after further investigating has decided to sit Jameis Winston out of the whole game against Clemson. So the Johnny Manziel slap on the wrist will not be happening this time. […]

Grow Up

I get it – Jameis Winston is young and he’s only a sophomore in college. Jameis Winston is seen and heard standing on a table making an offensive and vulgar comment on campus. But Jameis Winston is also a Heisman trophy winner and a quarterback of a top university. Jameis Winston will now miss the first […]

“I am not a perfect parent”

Along with the NFL all of us have been asked to discuss uncomfortable topics.  As the conversation with domestic violence goes on we are now discussing what does it mean to discipline your kids and what is considered child abuse at the wake of the Adrian Peterson indictment. Anything that involves kids is and has always been very […]

Tick Tock

The clock is still ticking for the NFL, everyone is still watching to see either “what’s next” or “what more is the NFL going to do” especially as the scandals grow.  First Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald and now Adrian Peterson.   The NFL has hired 3 experts in domestic violence – they will […]


The Baltimore Ravens have terminated Ray Rice’s contract and the NFL has suspended him indefinitely.  Before we start applauding the NFL and the Ravens for FINALLY doing the right thing.  Let’s keep in mind it was TMZ Sports who releasing the chilling and disturbing video that finally brought the hammer down on Rice. But what […]


TMZ has released the video of what happened “inside” of the Atlantic City elevator between Ray Rice and his then fiancé Janay Palmer.  From watching the video everything seems pretty normal that is until Ray Rice punches Janay and she falls out cold on the elevator floor.  Then as we all know what happens next […]

Goodbye to a BEAST

We all know to play in the NFL you are a good player.  To be a beast in the NFL you have to be a bad ass and the biggest bad ass at one time was Steelers linebacker James Harrison.  Not only was he intimidating on the field his glare off the field could get […]

Bigger than the game

I have been thinking a while now about the NFL’s decision to suspend Ray Rice for two games after assaulting his wife. I was shocked and saddened to hear only two. Shocked because by now we have all seen the tape and it’s horrifying to see Ray Rice drag his then girlfriend’s limp less body […]

Boys will be Boys

On today’s show Tim Duncan says we’ll be ready this time, LA and NY both want the Stanley Cup and guess what famous four legged athlete gets a shoe deal? All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports Subscribe to our podcast on podbean and iTunes

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

On today’s show RG1 is in the ATL, California Chrome gets the A-Okay and it’s the 40th anniversary of one of our favorite toys. All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts today on podbean and iTunes

Just Stop

I need all those in the media who are leading the pack with their Johnny Manziel man crush to just stop already.  It’s like there is a group of folks out there who cannot let the week go by without some lame Johnny Manziel story trying to pass it off as something interesting.   So […]

Sed Farewell

Today we’re talking about the NFL draft, the NBA Playoffs and would you get in the boxing ring for 36 minutes for 70 million dollars? All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and