IT’S too bad that the “last” call of the Patriots/Panthers game is what everyone is talking about. That Monday night game was one of the best we have seen in a while. Cam Newton and the Panthers went toe to toe with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Cam was confident and looked like a leader. […]


The owner of the Miami Dolphins has surfaced – Stephen Ross said after hearing about the issues surrounding the Dolphins he was “appalled.” So what does that mean – well Ross has formed two committees to investigate this bullying scandal and he plans to meet with Jonathan Martin.  During a press conference he said – […]

Started from the Bottom

On today’s show we have some NFL Buster’s for you, What happened to Missouri and we celebrate Darrell Wallace Jr. the first black driver to win a National NASCAR race in 50 years.  All that and more – plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports. SUBSCRIBE today at and iTunes […]

Wrangler Jeans

On this episode your weekly NFL update including some major injuries, college football upsets and guess what NBA star is ready to test the free agency? All that and more – plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports!   SUBSCRIBE TODAY at and iTunes

When Stuff Hits the Fan

Football can bring out the good, the bad and the ridiculous when you love the game like most diehard football fans.  Being a fan means you take the good with the really, really bad.  I’ve heard some friends say “I pay my money for football games or a jersey and I expect my team to […]

The BUC stops here

It’s no big surprise when a team is losing everyone wants to find someone or something to blame. Fans start with the coach and then the quarterback, the players start blaming each other and then the coach while the coach simply wants to dodge the media so he can avoid having to answer any questions […]

Ryan brings back memories of simpler times

It is unfortunate what happened to football. Sure the popularity of the game has brought the world some great gadgets. Redzone, football on your phone and gambling (I’m lumping fantasy football in here because…you know why) have imprinted this game into our daily lives. However, things change once they start floating in the mainstream. Focus […]

NFL – Week 3

I wanted to highlight a few of the games – the good, the bad and the seriously ugly.  This has been an interesting start of the season thus far; who knew the Jets, Lions and Titans would have a better season that the Giants.  Miami upsets the Falcons and I was actually excited for the […]


Ahhhhh..  Do you smell that?  That’s not just any old aroma.  That is the smell of fresh cut grass in the air.  That means… [sniffle] football season is upon us.  Yes, that time of year where the blood pressure goes up and the list of fried foods are endless.   I know what you’re thinking…”Bee Gee […]

Faith and Football

As long as football has been around so have the faithful; those who believe in God and Football and sometimes not in that order. It is not just some fans who believe in a higher power – it is also some professional athletes. We have all witnessed players who looked up towards the heavens and […]


Remember the NFL’s original $100 million dollar man? Nine years later Matt Ryan’s new contract with the Falcons makes Michael Vick’s record-breaking contract look like a move into middle management. Ryan is not alone, as five other quarterbacks signed lucrative contracts this offseason ranging from Matthew Stafford’s three-year $53 million extension to Joe Flacco’s new […]

Confident or Arrogant

Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football is all the buzz these days.  Some want to know why is everyone making such a big deal of this 20 year old kid and others want Johnny to grow up and just concentrate on football. Manziel who is the quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies was the first freshman […]


Apparently Chip Kelly – the former head coach of the University of Oregon Ducks now head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles took a page from Pete Carroll’s book “How to get over at your University and hide out in the NFL.” After what the NCAA called an “intense” investigation (even though I bet USC and […]


Don’t get me wrong I’m a Chad Johnson fan.  When he was in the NFL I appreciated his off the wall antics – he made the game interesting and he was a decent receiver. But unfortunately, while in court recently he embarrassed himself and if he wanted to show his fans and the NFL that […]


By now everyone has heard that Tim Tebow has found another home in the NFL; he will be joining the New England Patriots.  But what does this mean? Well first of all it means that his former coach Josh McDaniels who drafted him to the Denver Broncos is obviously a big fan, big believer and […]


First round of the Masters and guess who is beating Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson? Tiger gets into a little trouble and everybody hears; Our thoughts on the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship games and guess who now has the #1 jersey in the NBA; The Braves are off to their best start since […]

Fade to Black

Final Four weekend, Men’s NCAA National Championship, The women’s NCAA teams are representing in New Orleans; Update on Rutgers and Ed Rush; Clippers are the new Lakers (Kings of LA) and you won’t believe what the NFL is doing next! All that and MORE on “That’s What SHE Said Sports!”   You can find us […]


The ladies are representing like never before – Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins; Gonzaga is #1 for the first time in the school’s history and what’s up with the NEW big east? What team can beat the Heat and guess who wants to give LeBron a million dollars to enter the slam dunk contest.  Is […]


If you are a diehard football fan you probably go through withdraws after the super bowl. Because of that, the NFL scouting combine can be enticing.  It gives you the opportunity to check out the college athletes you have watched all season and to see if you can pick out the next NFL “star.” I […]


Media Day for the 49ers and Ravens in New Orleans, Baseball news, are the Falcons going to Cali?, the BIG 10 is #1 again, the Winter X Games, Special Olympics and Randy Moss loses his mind.  All that and more on That’s What SHE Said Sports! PLEASE Subscribe to our podcast     We […]

Say WHAT???

We break down the Manti Te’o – Katie Couric interview, was Super Bowl 37 sabotaged? What baseball team made the ultimate trade and what NBA player is appealing their fine and wants their $176,000 back? We talk about all that and more including our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports!   […]

Lance Armstrong

The hottest story out there right now – Lance Armstrong What other hot sports news are we talking about – Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rajon Rondo, the Atlanta Hawks, Jets and the Denver Broncos. We also tell you who is our “Buster” and who is our “Beast”   You can also find us […]

The Replacement Killers

I wrote this after the debacle on Monday night.  Needless to say by the time I got to the last sentence the NFL and the regular officials were already in a meeting and of course as you know THEY ARE BACK and all is right in the football world again! But this was too good to […]