Grow Up

I get it – Jameis Winston is young and he’s only a sophomore in college. Jameis Winston is seen and heard standing on a table making an offensive and vulgar comment on campus. But Jameis Winston is also a Heisman trophy winner and a quarterback of a top university. Jameis Winston will now miss the first […]

The OZ Show

TODAY we’re talking about the NFL (after) we catch up on our soaps – Dallas and As the Redskins Turn, Famous Jameis wins the Heisman and could you eat 24 candy bars a day? All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Subscribe to our podbean podcast You […]

Congrats Famous Jameis

I don’t think it was a big surprise to anyone that Florida State University’s quarterback Jameis Winston won the 79th Heisman Trophy. Winston had 668 of the first place votes with Alabama’s AJ McCarron who came in second place getting 79 of the first place votes. At 19 years old Winston is the youngest player […]