THE hype was real.  I was ALL IN. This fight was set up as the fight of the century – all of us boxing fans had not been this excited since the days of Mike Tyson. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao – fighters, champions, the fight we have waited years for. This was like a Christmas […]


AFTER years of waiting, speculating, debating etc. etc. the fight is finally going down. The biggest boxing event since Mike Tyson stepped into the ring- this will be the king of pay per view fights. It doesn’t matter if you are team Mayweather or team Pacquiao – lets face it everyone is a winner. First, […]

Just Stop

I need all those in the media who are leading the pack with their Johnny Manziel man crush to just stop already.  It’s like there is a group of folks out there who cannot let the week go by without some lame Johnny Manziel story trying to pass it off as something interesting.   So […]