GAME 5 was everything you want in a NBA Final game. It started out messy and you were beginning to think it was going to be all about the refs.  But it soon turned into the battle of the MVP’s. First, you had LeBron James who is basically playing with four guys from the mall.  […]

WHAT Happened?

CLOSING out the regular season the Atlanta Hawks looked like the team to beat or at least go toe to toe with.  But they couldn’t handle the Cavs and were swept 4-0 leaving some to ask – what happened? It would be easy to say injuries or they need a super star, we could all […]


Recently the biggest star in basketball LeBron James said he will not let his sons play football – he said “only basketball, baseball & soccer in his house.” Over the past year several high profile athletes like Joe Namath, Arian Foster and Kurt Warner said they would not want their sons playing football.  Brett Favre […]

Checking In

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On today’s show King James is denied a threepeat by the real big 3, The LA Kings win the Stanley Cup and what you shouldn’t do to a police officer at the U.S. Open.  All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID SPORTS! SUBSCRIBE to our podcast on iTunes […]

There’s No Place Like…

First let me just say LeBron James can do whatever he wants, he’s a grown man with a family and he could do and move where ever he wants too.  I read the open letter that he did in Sports Illustrated.  He has made the decision to return home to Cleveland. I was absolutely stunned […]

THE Worst Decision

Remember breaking up with that person who was clearly no good for you.  Then you eventually found the “right” person and you were so much happier? Sure you have your bumps in the road (what relationship doesn’t?) but it is still way better than that “other” person you kicked to the curb. Sound familiar? If […]


At the end of the Spurs-Thunder series when asked about playing Miami again Tim Duncan said “We have four more game to win, we’ll do it this time.”  Well he was right because that is exactly what Duncan and the Spurs are doing. So is this series about how bad the Miami Heat have been […]

Now What?

The Pacers are done – yet another season watching their nemesis head to the NBA Finals.  The Bird man has decided to keep Coach Frank Vogel so now what? What happens to the rest of the team? If the Indiana Pacers were a reality show I’m pretty confident they would be between Love and Hip […]

The Wobble for Sed

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So So Def

On this episode the Broncos suffer a big blow, A-Rod gets hit, Albert Pujols is out for the season and what would you do if you were late for a concert and stuck in traffic – call LeBron James of course.  All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said […]


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The Raptor

It is Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs, Tiger is out until the British Open and the New England Patriots could be down another Tight End at the start of the season.  All that and more, plus our BEASTS/BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said sports. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on and […]

Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s HOT – the Blade Runner, Falcons, Vince Young, Is LeBron the best player in the NBA right now? The Shaq and Kobe feud is over and what happened to Mr. Nice Guy Kevin Durant? Its All-Star weekend and possibly KG’s last and what University in GA is getting a football team? […]