Thin Mints are Evil

On today’s show more March Madness, Northwestern football players could be employees of the University one day and if you bet someone on Twitter and back out are you a buster? All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports Be sure to subscribe to our podcast at […]

A Billion in Ones

On today’s show it’s time for March Madness, the bad and the ugly of NFL owners and executives and would you pay $25 for a corn dog? All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports SUBSCRIBE to our podcast today


Like the Drake song “Started from the bottom now we’re here” that was UCONN who let’s face it outside of UCONN fans no one had them winning it all on their bracket.  But that’s what we all get for not believing in Kevin Ollie and his huskies who showed us all you do not have […]


The reason why we all love the NCAA Tournament because it is truly March Madness! The Mercer Bears from Macon, Georgia obviously the underdogs in their battle against Duke showed why you never give up!  So sure they busted up some brackets but it was worth it to see this underdog come out on top […]

The Sopranos

Rutgers Mike Rice has finally been fired; What should happen to Ed Rush; better news for Kevin Ware; March Madness; Final Four and we still can’t believe Brittney is out of the tournament.  College coaches moving like never before and its Baseball time! Who is getting paid in the NFL and do they deserve it?  […]


Sports fans know that sports can evoke all kinds of emotions- happy, mad, excited, sad, frustration and of course tears.  For all of us who watched the Louisville/Duke game on Sunday night we felt all of those emotions and then some. Louisville’s sophomore guard Kevin Ware, attempting to contest a shot fell and suffered one […]


Tiger is #1; The Heat gets #27 and March Madness is all about the new Cinderella team Florida Gulf Coast; Two NCAA basketball coaches get fired; Round 2 of the Women’s NCAA Tournament and who shined at their college pro day? Our BEASTS & BUSTERS and so much more on “That’s What SHE Said Sports […]

March Madness Women’s Brackets

“I’m not sure if any of you have followed any women’s college basketball this season.  If not, you are probably like me.  If Brittney Griner was not in the headlines then, it wasn’t news.  Especially after Stanford took it on the chin earlier this season from UConn…..AGAIN.  It’s like a bad dream with them; I […]


So I asked my co-dude to offer his opinion on all things “brackets” as it pertains to the men’s NCAA Tournament.  We also shared our brackets on our latest podcast – here you go and may the best “wo”man win! Bee Gee Final 8 – St. Louis, Duke, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Marquette, Syracuse, Florida and Kansas […]