WAS anyone really shocked to learn that the Miami Dolphins fired Coach Joe Philbin after their 1-3 start of the season.  If you were I would like to meet you so I can shake some sense into to you while screaming “are you kidding me?” Philbin should have been fired a long time ago.  Remember […]

Mopping up the Joint

Today we’re talking about the Ted Well’s report on the Miami Dolphins bullying case, what’s up with today’s new fans and Sochi. Plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports!  Subscribe to our podcast on podbean.com and iTunes http://thatswhatshesaidsports.podbean.com/ http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/thats-what-she-said-sports/id594293101?mt=2


I’m sure the Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is a decent guy.  I don’t know him personally and I’m sure it’s beyond stressful being a coach in the NFL.  With all that said Coach Philbin dropped the ball and failed as a leader of the Dolphins. Philbin recently spoke out at the NFL combine […]

The NFL Season – A Look Back

This NFL season has been drama filled – to say the least.  At times you saw the good, the very bad and some things that were beyond ugly. The drama in Miami was totally unexpected between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.  The story gave us a closer look at what it means to get hazed […]

No D in Dallas

On today’s show – Week 10 in the NFL – the JAGS finally win, the FALCONS don’t and Superman beats Kaepernicking and we discuss the drama that is the Miami Dolphins.  All that and more – plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports! SUBSCRIBE today at Podbean.com and iTunes http://thatswhatshesaidsports.podbean.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/thats-what-she-said-sports/id594293101?mt=2 […]


The owner of the Miami Dolphins has surfaced – Stephen Ross said after hearing about the issues surrounding the Dolphins he was “appalled.” So what does that mean – well Ross has formed two committees to investigate this bullying scandal and he plans to meet with Jonathan Martin.  During a press conference he said – […]

So So Def

On this episode the Broncos suffer a big blow, A-Rod gets hit, Albert Pujols is out for the season and what would you do if you were late for a concert and stuck in traffic – call LeBron James of course.  All that and more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said […]