“The Greatest” Muhammad Ali has died. All my life I saw Muhammad Ali as a superhero a larger than life athlete. It was no secret that Ali was a phenomenal boxer – the only heavy weight to win three world championships. But Muhammad Ali was also a strong black man who in the 1960’s refused […]

They Mad Bro!

I’m sure for Erin Andrews after the Seahawks/49ers game she didn’t think anything of her next assignment – after the game go approach the guy who tipped the ball that was intercepted and prevented the 49ers for possibly making a comeback and win. But who knew the following words by that guy – Seattle Seahawks […]

Advancing the Dream

I wasn’t born 50 years ago so I didn’t attend the March on Washington or get to hear Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic speech titled “I have a dream” in person.  Like many of those my age I learned about Dr. King and his speech in school. In school it was just enough to […]