Pay the Pom Poms

On today’s show the NBA Playoffs and guess what turns 100 years old today? All that more plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Catch our shows on podbean and iTunes and remember to subscribe today!


I am sure those of us who have been following the story about Clippers owner Donald Sterling and are disgusted by it can agree on one thing – the NBA has to do something about him and it has to be something big. Sterling’s behavior unfortunately is not anything new.  He has a history of racist […]

El Nino Bustero

Today’s show we’re talking about Tiger Woods, the NBA and NHL Playoffs, some NFL news and more plus our BEASTS & BUSTERS   You can find us on   and on iTunes (and be sure to subscribe today!)


The Los Angeles Lakers are done, gone, out of the playoffs and I have to admit it’s weird.  Throughout the season and especially during the playoffs seeing them and the Celtics struggle has at times been hard to watch.  The Lakers and the Celtics for years have been a staple of the NBA playoffs – […]

Tumbleweed Pollen

The NBA Playoffs – the good, the bad and the really disappointing; Mike Brown and the Cleveland Cavaliers reunited but does it feel so good? Top honors in the NBA; Will the Jets regret trading Darrelle Revis and can the Atlanta Braves make it without one of their star players? Why Brittney Griner’s honesty makes […]


It is time for the NBA Playoffs – can the Lakers beat the Spurs? Will New York sweep Boston and can the Hawks make it out of the first round? Two NBA coaches have been fired; Another Michigan Wolverine goes pro and when will we see Derek Jeter back in a Yankees uniform? All of […]