The Miami Heat is still hot; Who is left playing for the Baltimore Ravens? A break-up in Chicago and who is getting paid in Dallas? NFL owners make changes and Tiger Woods wants another win.  We share our women’s NCAA tournament predictions and discuss the “Steubenville Rape Case” – our BEASTS & BUSTERS and more […]

Bracketology aka Bracktology

It’s all about the brackets – time for March Madness and we have a new word “bracktology” (who needs the ‘e’); Can anyone beat the Heat after that win over the Celtics? Andrew Bynum’s season is over – really? The NFL competition committee met recently to propose some changes and what lawsuit did the NFL […]

The Doors are Open

NFL Free Agency Day was a doozy; Is this the year of the Tiger? Which Yankee’s pitcher is calling it quits and who is the best team in the NBA in the western conference? Notre Dame joins the ACC and the Chicago Blackhawks are they still #1? Michael Vick gets threatened and what former NFL […]


The ladies are representing like never before – Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins; Gonzaga is #1 for the first time in the school’s history and what’s up with the NEW big east? What team can beat the Heat and guess who wants to give LeBron a million dollars to enter the slam dunk contest.  Is […]

Arrogant Fakers

Who are the most “Arrogant Fakers” in the NFL? Terrell Suggs knows; Alex Smith is finally free and you won’t believe who the Jets are interested in; Stephen Curry in total beast mode and can you believe someone was fined $900,000 for smoking; all that plus our BEASTS & BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said […]

What the Puck?

This past weekend the women rocked the sports world – Danica Patrick and Ronda Rousey while the Pistorius brothers aren’t exactly the siblings of the year; who did and didn’t do well at the NFL Scouting Combine and are the Chicago Blackhawks truly the best team in sports right now?  The Falcons go shopping for […]


If you are a diehard football fan you probably go through withdraws after the super bowl. Because of that, the NFL scouting combine can be enticing.  It gives you the opportunity to check out the college athletes you have watched all season and to see if you can pick out the next NFL “star.” I […]

The Elegant Lady

What happened during the NBA trade deadline? James Harden, who does Isiah Thomas think is the better athlete – LeBron or MJ? Lance Armstrong, Alex Smith, Tim Tebow and do we need another Twitter Beef? All that and MORE on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and check us out on iTunes! […]

The No Funds League

We celebrate our 11th show and talk about What’s HOT – Lakers owners Jerry Buss passing, the NBA All-Star game, BeeGee’s NCAA Basketball update, Danica Patrick makes history, Serena is #1 again and what’s up with the NFL teams taking money away from their players? Some boxing news and our BEASTS/BUSTERS all that and more […]

Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s HOT – the Blade Runner, Falcons, Vince Young, Is LeBron the best player in the NBA right now? The Shaq and Kobe feud is over and what happened to Mr. Nice Guy Kevin Durant? Its All-Star weekend and possibly KG’s last and what University in GA is getting a football team? […]


We are telling you what athletes will get paid and who is actually getting a pay cut! Our fave drama kings Kobe and Dwight, Manny Pacquiao, the Chicago Blackhawks and a full list of our BEASTS and BUSTERS – all that and MORE on That’s What SHE Said Sports!   Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and […]


The Ravens Super Bowl Championship parade, Tebow, The Gronk, Tantrums in the NBA and we’re talking about “Rasslin” (ode to A.I.) all that and MORE on That’s What SHE Said Sports! Be sure to take advantage of our T-shirt giveaway!   SUBSCRIBE to our podcast today! On podbean and iTunes!  

The Blackout Bowl

Welcome to our special That’s What SHE Said Sports “SUPER BOWL” episode – we are breaking down the game, the good and bad commercials, Beyonce, the blackout and our usual BEASTS and BUSTERS. You can find us on podbean – be sure to SUBSCRIBE   You can also find us on iTunes!   […]


Hey Everybody! We are talking about the Lakers, Jackie Robinson’s birthday, Ray Lewis, Donald Driver and of course the SUPER BOWL!  We pick our NFL honors – BEASTS and BUSTERS and don’t forget our T-shirt giveaway! All that and MORE on That’s What SHE Said Sports.  SHE – Smile, be Happy and Enjoy life!   […]

Do the Right Thing

People don’t like to talk about race – it makes people uncomfortable – period.  We live in a society where we talk around the race conversation.  But there needs to be a conversation especially this day in age because let’s face it – all men and women are NOT created equal.  Until that happens we […]

Say WHAT???

We break down the Manti Te’o – Katie Couric interview, was Super Bowl 37 sabotaged? What baseball team made the ultimate trade and what NBA player is appealing their fine and wants their $176,000 back? We talk about all that and more including our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE Said Sports!   […]

Lance Armstrong

The hottest story out there right now – Lance Armstrong What other hot sports news are we talking about – Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rajon Rondo, the Atlanta Hawks, Jets and the Denver Broncos. We also tell you who is our “Buster” and who is our “Beast”   You can also find us […]

FALCONS get the monkey off their back

New year – New journey. Excited about the NEW TWSSSports podcast – check out our first one and be sure to subscribe and let us know what you think.   You can also find us on iTunes –        


I believe most sports fans would agree that to make it to the NFL is a BIG deal.  It’s the dream of young boys and some girls everywhere.  Another thing sports fans recognize is that just because you “make it” it doesn’t mean you’re owed anything.  If you want to be somebody in the NFL […]

Will the EAGLES ever be VICKTORIOUS?

I would like to see the EAGLES win and have a good season.  I’m a Michael Vick fan so I want him to be successful and have a winning season.  But let’s face it – it is really hard to watch an Eagles game these days.  They are 3-5 and have lost 4 games in […]

In need of a CAM BACK

Immature, selfish, out of touch, a bust, a loser – these are just some of the words and phrases that have surrounded Cam Newton so far this season.  A far departure from the words and phrases Cam heard last season – incredible athlete, taking the NFL by storm, amazing, winner, a beast, awesome, the real […]

The Replacement Killers

I wrote this after the debacle on Monday night.  Needless to say by the time I got to the last sentence the NFL and the regular officials were already in a meeting and of course as you know THEY ARE BACK and all is right in the football world again! But this was too good to […]