Follow the Money

THE University of Missouri system’s President Tim Wolfe and the chancellor R. Bowen Loftin have both resigned. The University of Missouri has been dealing with racial issues on campus that caused African-American students to protest, some faculty threatening to walk-out, one student to go on a hunger strike and the football team to announce they would […]

WE matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER has been the battle cry for all those part of the movement and those protesting after the grand juries in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner case failed to indict the officers involved. Soon after we saw five of the St. Louis Rams raise their arms in the “don’t shoot” pose showing […]

Do the Right Thing

People don’t like to talk about race – it makes people uncomfortable – period.  We live in a society where we talk around the race conversation.  But there needs to be a conversation especially this day in age because let’s face it – all men and women are NOT created equal.  Until that happens we […]