EGO is a powerful thing. Ego starts wars, ruins corporations and kills for no reason. Ego a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Brady recently filed an appeal on the decision that upheld his four-game suspension. Tom Brady’s ego is ridiculous and he simply needs to let this fight go.  It has been almost 500 days since […]


Oh how the mighty have fallen. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell the most powerful man in the NFL has been knocked down a peg or two. This all began when the New England Patriots were accused of using underinflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage in the Patriots’ AFC championship victory over the Indianapolis Colts on […]


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THE NFL went hard on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Tom Brady suspended without pay for four games. The Patriots fined $1 million dollars and will lose a first round pick in 2016 and a fourth round pick in 2017. So what does all of this mean? Well the NFL is tired of the Patriots […]

Mr. Imperfect

WELL after months of speculation the Ted Wells report finally comes out on “Deflategate” and well it didn’t look good for Tom Brady. The report stated that when it comes to Tom Brady he was “at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” so to break it down – he knew, he cheated, the end. […]

A Big Deal

The Super Bowl is more than a game – it’s an experience. The coolest thing about the Super Bowl is it’s for everyone – fans of football, fans of commercials and of course fans of chicken wings and nachos. The Super Bowl brings us all together and it’s a big deal. This year the Seattle […]

Southern Fried Gator

Today we’re talking about the comeback kids – Tom Brady and Manny Pacquiao – the underdog that is Georgia Southern makes a statement and Dwight Howard can’t hit free throws – but – I will tell you what he does hit.  All that and more – plus our BEASTS and BUSTERS on That’s What SHE […]

The Best VS. The Best

What makes a good sports rivalry? That question has been asked all week as everyone prepares for the 14th meeting between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL; and both guaranteed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So what makes a good rivalry? Well some fans will say […]


IT’S too bad that the “last” call of the Patriots/Panthers game is what everyone is talking about. That Monday night game was one of the best we have seen in a while. Cam Newton and the Panthers went toe to toe with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Cam was confident and looked like a leader. […]


By now everyone has heard that Tim Tebow has found another home in the NFL; he will be joining the New England Patriots.  But what does this mean? Well first of all it means that his former coach Josh McDaniels who drafted him to the Denver Broncos is obviously a big fan, big believer and […]