By now everyone has heard that Tim Tebow has found another home in the NFL; he will be joining the New England Patriots.  But what does this mean? Well first of all it means that his former coach Josh McDaniels who drafted him to the Denver Broncos is obviously a big fan, big believer and sees the potential in Tebow.

Second of all, it also says that Belichick believes in McDaniels and also sees something in Tebow.  Now we don’t know what that is exactly, but Belichick is not the grand standing kind of coach. He’s not going to want or like the media hanging around and if you have ever seen a Belichick interview? Well he makes the Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich look like a chatty Kathy.

The bottom line, I believe the New England Patriots will not make the same mistake as the New York Jets. I also don’t see New England Patriots fans chanting “Tebow” the first time Tom Brady throws an interception.  Maybe this is Tebow’s time to learn something and hopefully it will be more about football and less about PR moves and red carpet events.