THE hype was real.  I was ALL IN.

This fight was set up as the fight of the century – all of us boxing fans had not been this excited since the days of Mike Tyson.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao – fighters, champions, the fight we have waited years for.

This was like a Christmas gift to all of us – the wait was FINALLY over.

I watched all the pre-fight shows, watched the weigh-in and the day of the fight I couldn’t wait!

So that is why after the fight it felt like that Christmas I got all clothes and no toys.  I was disappointed and royally pissed.

That’s it? That was the fight of the century?

I get fighting strategy and I’ve watched fights between both fighters to know their style.  I wanted an old school fight – a swollen eye or some blood – something.

I mean the guys hugged before round 12 – what the hell was that?

There’s no hugging until the fight ends.

I don’t want a MayPac 2 – I fell for the okie doke once – won’t happen again.  I’m going back to the octagon – where they fight and I will definitely see some blood.

Sorry boxing – I need another break and to see other people – people who want to fight.