The Beat Down

You’re the host country, your team is the heir to the World Cup with five national championships already and you have not had a devastating lost since 1920.

Yeah getting beat down 7-1 by Germany would bring tons of tears – the outrage, the tragedy.  Oh give me a break! Come on people losing sucks – how many of us fans follow a team to only watch them start the season sucking or lose a huge game – I’m still sick about the Broncos at the Super Bowl – but I have to get over it because a new season is right around the corner.  I mean imagine being a Dallas Cowboys fan (need I say more) just saying….

Ultimately what’s tragic is all the press about the Brazilian team and their fans being crushed and crying over their lost.  What about Germany kicked their butt fair and square?  Just because you hosted the World Cup and had EVERYTHING riding on winning does not mean you are going to win.  Sure you missed Neymar and your Captain Silva was suspended but what about the other guys on the team?

No one likes to lose but someone has to so now Brazil needs to figure out what happened and work towards redeeming themselves for next time.

So congratulations Germany on your epic beat down and I hope your team gets out of Brazil alive at this point.