The BUC stops here

It’s no big surprise when a team is losing everyone wants to find someone or something to blame. Fans start with the coach and then the quarterback, the players start blaming each other and then the coach while the coach simply wants to dodge the media so he can avoid having to answer any questions about the team.

It’s no secret that there is definitely a problem with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  So the obvious – they team is 0-4, some folks on the team are not happy with Coach Greg Schiano and then we have the Josh Freeman issue.

Am I the only one feeling a little déjà vu at this moment? Didn’t we have this similar conversation about their previous coach? Remember when Raheem Morris was the problem and the team didn’t trust him and the players were not feeling him either and well you see how that turned out.

Before those on top can and should re-examine what’s going on with the Buccaneers they first need to take care of Josh Freeman. It has recently come out that someone leaked his confidential medical information.  It had been reported that Freeman is in the first stage of the league’s drug program.  After this revelation Freeman responded by saying –

“Let me be very clear. I have NEVER tested positive for any illegal drugs or related substances,” he also stated “Further, I have agreed to take, and have PASSED 46 NFL-regulated drug tests over the last year-and-a-half.”

Freeman was the one who entered (voluntarily) the drug program when he took Ritalin rather than his prescribed Adderall – an unfortunate mistake; and unfortunate that we all know this and that someone leaked this information in the first place.

In corporate America it’s called violating HIPAA laws but right now it’s just another day in the NFL.