The Good

Even in the sports world we sometimes can forget “The good” and go straight for “the bad and the ugly.”  There has been plenty of that with Donald Sterling and his wife dominating the news for weeks.

So I was happy to see the story of Clemson’s Sammy Watkins who was drafted fourth by the Buffalo Bills.  I’m sure most young guys who get the privilege of being drafted in the first round of the NFL want to party hard and celebrate.  I’m sure someone was making it rain the day after they got picked up and might still be at the club.

So it was touching to see one of the first things Sammy Watkins did when he made it to Buffalo was to visit a legend.  That legend is Buffalo Bill’s own Jim Kelly who is battling cancer.  That act tells you a lot about this young guy.  He understands that sometimes things are just bigger than you and more important. 

As Watkins paid his respect he has earned a lot from not only those in Buffalo; but from other football fans like me.