The NFL Season – A Look Back

This NFL season has been drama filled – to say the least.  At times you saw the good, the very bad and some things that were beyond ugly.

The drama in Miami was totally unexpected between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.  The story gave us a closer look at what it means to get hazed as a rookie and how unfortunately that can carry on after the rookie season in the Martin case. Everyone had an opinion and most wanted to know how could a grown man (Martin) let this happen? But it is a story where hopefully we find out more details during the offseason.

Robert Griffin III and the Redskins had their share of drama.  The RGIII and Mike Shanahan press conferences left you feeling uncomfortable.  At one point you just wanted them to do a joint press conference or at least jump in the octagon.  Then the name debate – will the Redskins change their name or not? According to the Redskins owner Dan Snyder  – it ain’t happening.   

The leagues $765 million dollar concussion settlement with former players opened up the dialogue about safety- like never before.  This caused some parents to decide that they did not want their kids playing football and we actually saw a drop in young kids playing the game.  

African-American quarterbacks for once seemed like the norm and not the exception.  When the season started there were nine black quarterbacks starting and guess what black quarterbacks can be pocket passers too? Yes that was a hint of sarcasm.

Peyton Manning is clearly the NFL MVP.  He has had a phenomenal season with the Denver Broncos breaking records and taking the Broncos from an okay team to Super Bowl contenders. 

It seemed every week someone was getting hurt this season – ACL injuries seemed pretty commonplace; along with knee injuries because of the league making changes on how and where to hit. 

It was the season of the #2 QB stepping up to the plate and making a difference.   The backup quarterbacks shined and it seemed some fans wanted the backups to hang out for a while.  Here are some game changers –  

  • Eagles Nick Foles who used to backup Mike Vick became the highest rated passer in the league shocked everyone.
  • Bears Josh McCown replaced an injured Jay Cutler
  • Green Bay Packers Matt Flynn
  • The Cowboys had to make the call and brought in Kyle Orton

Quite a few players especially during the off season found themselves making news driving recklessly, getting a DUI or making racist comments like Eagles WR Riley Cooper.  But no player shocked us like Aaron Hernandez who was arrested and charged with murdering his “friend” Odin Lloyd.  Hernandez was a star player for the New England Patriots with a $41 million dollar contract.  Needless to say after his arrest he was dropped by the team.

So now it’s playoff season.  As we enter the playoffs the drama will continue and well all of us who are diehard football fans we say BRING IT ON!