THE Panthers Purr

WHO would have thought the Carolina Panthers would end the season at 15-1? I know I did not and if you did not like all the dancing, the smiling and laughing on the sidelines then something is seriously wrong with you.

Thank the football Gods for the Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers had fun this season and I enjoyed watching them.  Football fans needed the Panthers because this was the season for mediocrity.  So many teams stunk up the NFL at either 7-9 or 6-10.

It was refreshing to see a team who at one point “started from the bottom now there here” you could see Cam Newton mature and become a leader right before your eyes.

Lord knows in the past I wanted Ron Rivera fired.  But I have to give it to him this year – he like Cam has turned the Panthers around.

Some will argue “They haven’t played anyone” and I have to call a B.S. flag on the play.  They beat the Redskins, Green Bay and Seattle in Seattle not to mention they embarrassed Atlanta in Carolina.  Yes I know their first loss was at the hands of the Falcons but let’s be honest the Panthers gave that game away.

The Panthers are on a roll and I can not wait to see where they end up hopefully at the Super Bowl.