The Principle

After a long holdout to get more money (training camp and the first two games of the regular season) Seattle Seahawks Safety Kam Chancellor has rejoined the team. Which is great timing for the Seahawks who lost those first two games.

But with Kam back the Seahawks received their first win of the season – coincidence?

Now Kam did not get any more money – but he did prove to the team “you need me.” Which could possibly result in something next season.

So was it worth it?

Well right off the bat a lot of folks said – no, what was the point? Kam did not get anything.

But he did.

Because sometimes it’s the principle.

Principle – a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

A friend of mine just quit her corporate job to become a nanny in another state. She had worked as a nanny years ago and that was something she truly missed. She was able to get a job with a family who live in another state right by the beach. To her she had won the lottery – she is now going to be a nanny and on the beach.

Now many thinks she’s crazy for quitting her corporate job – what about the money they asked? But it’s the principle that matters most.

You have the right to your beliefs and you should never back down no matter what the cost.

I know comparing a millionaire athlete to a friend of mine might be a stretch but they both stuck to what they believe in – no matter the cost; and isn’t it funny it always goes back to cost? Any time someone loses or gives up money people want to question their motives.

Sometimes peace of mind is priceless.

Everyone is not going to agree with you, hell most aren’t going to like what you’re doing and will criticize you. Let them do it – that’s why God created those people to keep you motivated.

Personally, those give me what I need to remind me to keep my eyes on the prize.

Nothing like driving others crazy when you live your life the way you want to.