The Replacement Killers

NFL Referee

Photo by American Spirit

I wrote this after the debacle on Monday night.  Needless to say by the time I got to the last sentence the NFL and the regular officials were already in a meeting and of course as you know THEY ARE BACK and all is right in the football world again!

But this was too good to pass up so enjoy!

Monday night football has a tradition all of its own it is a night when anything can happen and it usually does. Remember Brett Favre playing the day after his father’s death? Favre passed for 399 yards with 4 touchdowns beating the Oakland Raiders 41-7.  Monday night football has been around for more than 700 games.  It is no doubt the Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks will go down as one of the strangest, craziest and most talked about Monday night football games ever.  A game where Aaron Rodgers was sacked 8 times and there were so many flags being thrown on the field all throughout the game it looked like its own sport – flag tossing.

So when Russel Wilson threw the hail mary with only seconds on the clock who knew that would be the most talked about pass that is until Golden Tate and M.D. Jennings both went up for the ball.  Then the call – one Referee said it was a touchdown – the other Referee said interception.  After the review it was ruled a touchdown – but was it?

Needless to say everyone has asked – what’s up with the NFL? The twitter world went nuts! Sure over the last three weeks we have seen some crazy calls by the replacement referees.  We’ve seen coaches yell and one even grabbed a ref wanting to know what is going on.  We’ve seen some games look more like the NHL than the NFL.  So we were actually getting use to the crazy stuff until it cost a team the game.  Then it wasn’t just “crazy” it was serious.  Most want to know why is the NFL and/or Roger Goodell allowing the replacement ref’s to tarnish the league?

Well with the collective bargaining agreement between the players and the NFL they can not strike.  So most went to twitter to vent just like all of us have done.  But the question most are asking does the NFL even care? The NFL is a money-making machine worth $9.5 Billion.  The NFL is powerful and they hear and see everything but guess what? Until WE all decide collectively to stop watching nothing is going to get done.  For us football fans this is a way of life – this is now America’s game.  We might not like what’s going on but until the “real” referees and the NFL reach an agreement we will continue to have this conversation until the “real” Ref’s come back home!