THE Worst Decision

Remember breaking up with that person who was clearly no good for you.  Then you eventually found the “right” person and you were so much happier? Sure you have your bumps in the road (what relationship doesn’t?) but it is still way better than that “other” person you kicked to the curb.

Sound familiar? If LeBron leaves the Miami Heat and goes back to the Cleveland Cavaliers that will be the worst decision ever.  The fact that everyone is even talking about the possibility of James going back to the Cavs is ridiculous.  Why? LeBron did everything he could while with the Cavaliers – not only helping the team but the city of Cleveland.  The man asked for help and when he did not get it – he had to make a choice.  Haven’t you ever been unhappy at work and asked for help or raise and didn’t get it? You had to make a decision right – should I stay or should I go?

Now the prime time special of “The Decision” was a hot mess and even James regrets how that all went down but he does not owe that team or that city anything.

Just like in a relationship once it is over it needs to be over.  You learn from your mistakes and move on. Sure this last season with the Miami Heat didn’t turn out exactly how James may have wanted it to.  But he does have two rings with the Heat and they have proven they will do whatever it takes to win.

Lastly, the owner of the Cavs – Dan Gilbert does not deserve another chance with LeBron James.  Remember the first break up? Gilbert did all but slash LeBron’s tires and key his car.

I really want to believe LeBron is going to make the right decision this time around.