It appears Charlie Strong; the head coach at the University of Texas is too strong for some people.
Since he started his program taking over from former coach – Mack Brown – he has cut nine players. The latest offensive tackle Kennedy Estelle for violating team rules. The rest of the players –
Running back Joe Bergeron, safety Chevoski Collins, linebacker Deoundrei Davis, fullback Chet Moss, wide receiver Montrel Meander, running back Jalen Overstreet, wide receiver Kendall Sanders and defensive back Leroy Scott
I’ve been watching some report this story and they are shocked and appalled by Strong’s actions. One guy reporting the story actually said “I never thought Charlie Strong was cut out for this job” and this is someone who has years in the “industry.”
You would think with the NFL in shambles we would applaud Strong’s actions. It’s a shame that in this day and age we can’t applaud a coach for not just allowing players to get away with anything and standing up for what’s right. What is wrong with a football player following the rules – hear that Jameis Winston?
Let’s remember this is Strong’s first season and he is trying to clean house. So let him and if you can’t take the rules well maybe the University of Texas isn’t for you.