WEIGHT a minute

healthy lifestyle

Photo by 72 Soul

You ever get so busy with life you forget all about yourself? It’s the kids, husband, wife, school, laundry, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, car dies, pick up dry cleaning, stand in the line for the new iPhone.  You know how that goes…. So while your dealing with life you realize you haven’t been eating the greatest and the only workout you’re getting is walking to the mailbox.  Then one day you actually see a picture of yourself in what you thought were your cute yoga pants and that five pounds you assumed you gained is actually more in the double digits – the high double digits?

Well not only did that happen to me I also recently went for a physical and lets just say I didn’t get a passing grade.  So like a lot of us I have to do a better job taking care of myself.  I’m dedicating this season of “That’s What SHE Said Sports” to getting back and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I’m sure there is a few of you out there who can relate and its time to do something about it!  It’s time to get back to eating right, good old fashion exercise and let’s tackle that stress head on.

While keeping you posted on my journey I want to hear from you too!  So let’s do this together – what have we got to lose (outside of weight of course).

Good luck!