WHAT Happened?

IT is true when they say the NFL means – Not for Long.  Boy things certainly look different this season.

Last season Cam Newton was the toast of the NFL – forget Mike – everyone wanted to be like Cam.  He was dabbing his way into the hearts of millions of football fans and even those who did not necessarily care about the game.

Not only was Cam on fire but so were the Carolina Panthers.  Yes they lost the Super Bowl but they had proven with hard work, determination and a #1 quarterback anything is possible.

So what the hell happened? I’ve seen teams that have lost in the Super Bowl tank the following season that part is not the shocker; that is part of the game.  It can be hard for teams (the winner or loser) to appear in back to back Super Bowls.

No the shocker is how Cam Newton went from NFL stud to dud.

Okay so the Carolina Panthers are struggling and are last in the NFC South (ouch) and that hurts to even say that.  But to see what has happened to Cam Newton.

Cam was supposed to be the face of the NFL a title he was welcoming with open arms.

But after the Super Bowl he did not take losing so well (the press conference he sulked through and walked out of)

Then the start of the new season he was asked about Black Lives Matter and race relations and his answer came off a little to politically correct.  Some understood but some wanted the new face of the NFL to really go there.

Then the hits (and I mean literally the hits kept coming) it seemed the refs had it out for Cam as well.  Where were the damn flags? Were they going to let him die out on the field.  Okay maybe “die” is a bit extreme but some of those hits were scary.

There were times I went from feeling sorry for Cam to just wanting Cam to stop talking.  But I’m sure it’s not easy being the face of one of the largest sports leagues in the world – good or bad.

We probably all have our theories about Cam – I will tell you this – I still believe in him.  Like life we have our peaks and valleys – Cam is going through a rough end along with his team.  But he will be back – he’s too talented not too.

So Cam keep smiling, dabbing or whatever you need to do to get through this season and come back even stronger next year.