WHAT Happened?

CLOSING out the regular season the Atlanta Hawks looked like the team to beat or at least go toe to toe with.  But they couldn’t handle the Cavs and were swept 4-0 leaving some to ask – what happened?

It would be easy to say injuries or they need a super star, we could all have a field day with all the speculations.

Bottom line – this wasn’t their time.

Sure during the regular season they kicked butt – but….the Atlanta Hawks needed this lost to lose this way to come back hungry next season.  All great players have failed – Michael Jordan used to get his butt kicked by the Detroit Pistons, LeBron had years of learning how and knowing what losing felt like with his earlier Cavs team.

So maybe this is what the Hawks needed – a good kick in the behind and a reminder that the regular season is one thing; and the playoffs are something entirely different.

I hate to see my hometown team lose and this badly – but I hope this is what they need to “rise up” (had to steal that from the Falcons) next season.

It will be interesting to see what happens during free agency but one thing is for sure I’m still “True to Atlanta”

Until next season.