When Stuff Hits the Fan

Football can bring out the good, the bad and the ridiculous when you love the game like most diehard football fans.  Being a fan means you take the good with the really, really bad.  I’ve heard some friends say “I pay my money for football games or a jersey and I expect my team to win!”

Sports fans are emotional – period.  The game has always been at a level where you sometimes can’t help yourself.  I can personally attest to that.  I’ve cheered, laughed, cried and jumped up and down.  I’ve even had a temper tantrum (in the privacy of my own home mine you) that’s part of loving the game.

Sports fans boo at their team and the opposing team, they chant things to make the other team mad.  Sports fans yell at folks who wear an opposing jersey.  I’ve also seen fans throw popcorn and unfortunately beer.  Fans yell at referees and some cuss them out.

But what I find just really uncalled for and it’s not the first time it has happened – to witness fans cheer when a player goes down.  Again I get it – part of being a fan is getting caught up in the game and feeling frustrated especially when your team is consistently losing. You feel loss, confused and helpless.  To be a fan of a losing team can get downright irritating and sometimes as a fan you have to let it out.  But to applaud after an athlete gets hit and doesn’t get up right away is just wrong.

Now I know it is not “all” fans but just those few make it bad for the rest of us.  There were some Houston Texans fans that not only applauded (but some stood and applauded) when quarterback Matt Schaub went down with a leg injury. As we all know Schaub has had a rough few weeks – he already had his jersey burned in the parking lot and that was just week 4, the restaurant that created the pick 6 burger in his name and recently a crazed fan went to his house. So I think we all can agree that some Texan fans are not “happy happy” and a little nuts for burning a $200 jersey (just saying.)

But at the end of the day we all have to remember that these guys play for real.  They aren’t getting “fantasy football” hits they are getting knocked down for real.  I’m sure when Schaub went down his wife and kids didn’t see a quarterback struggling – they saw a man who is a husband, father and someone’s son injured.  That’s what I saw – because I would never want a player to suffer a season ending injury let alone a career ending injury. So then what happens (karma) T.J. Yates comes in and throws an interception.

We saw this last season with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel went down after suffering a concussion. A fan at that time had even hired a plane to fly over Arrowhead Stadium during a game with a banner that called for Cassel to be benched.

Now I don’t see this attitude going away anytime soon – there are some fans that will always takes things to the “next” level and make it hard for the rest of us.  So all I can do is continue to have tantrums at my house, rock my team during fantasy football and remember that as much as I love this game – it is still a “game.”