The Carolina Panthers are 12-0 and the ONLY undefeated team in the NFL yet they get no love.

I don’t want to be that person to blame “the media” when well I’m part of the media.  But where is the love for the Panthers? If this was the Patriots, Broncos or Giants “the media” would be all over this story; and what a story it is.

You have the hottest quarterback in the NFL Cam Newton and a bunch of receivers who lets face it who are not exactly household names.  But this team has come together and bounced back from some low times.  Hey even I wanted coach Ron Rivera fired for a few seasons.

The Panthers are exciting to watch and thank God.  Because this has been the season mediocrity in the NFL.  We need a team like the Panthers who are not only killing it on the field but having fun while doing it.

For those who do not appreciate Cam in the end zone doing his thing or giving away footballs to the kids after every touch down – just SHUT UP.  If you only knew all the charity work he does and how he truly steps up in Charlotte you wouldn’t be complaining.

Thank you football Gods for the Carolina Panthers!