Who is really Gutless?

Last week, after the Major League Baseball all- star game a Boston radio sports show host went on a rant about Erin Andrews. This was not your typical “I hate women involved with sports” rant this was a full blown tantrum that turned ugly quick.
His name is Kirk Minihane from the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI he said –
“What a bitch,” Minihane said. “I hate her. What a gutless bitch. Seriously, go away. Drop dead. I mean seriously, what the hell is wrong with her?”
“I hate her,” he went on. “I seriously hate her so much.”
It seems Minihane and the other “boys” on the show were not impressed with Andrews interview with St. Louis Cardinals baseball star Adam Wainwright. You can like her, you can hate her, the bottom line you do not have the right to call her a bitch especially a gutless bitch.
Unfortunately there are men out there who do not believe women have the right to talk sports. I have heard everything from –
“I hate female side line reporters”
“Women have no place in sports – they have never even played football”
“Women are so annoying when they talk about sports”
The latest I heard was –
“Women are taking over sports” that actually made me laugh. I wish we were!
I see Minihane like the other “boys” who have issues with women in sports as cowards. It seems so easy to call a woman a bitch. Instead of a healthy conversation or debate just go right for the “B” word. That will shut her up right?
But Minihane took it to a level that is dangerous – using words like “hate” and “drop dead.” You would actually want someone to drop dead and die over a bad interview? Well if that is the case then there should be a field full of male sports reporters scattered all over the country.
I heard some in Atlanta (other male sports personalities) stand up against what Minihane said. The one female voice here was definitely not happy about this at all.
Now that’s sad – the one female voice.
This is what people need to be pissed about. There needs to be more diversity when it comes to sports radio shows. It does not make sense that the old boys club on the radio is so exclusive.
So some do not want women in sports because we didn’t play football; Really?
Because all the guys all over the nation who talk sports (outside of the assigned athletes) all played? I can answer that for you – no they did not. Most are wanna be athletes who didn’t play in high school and had to admire the cool kids from across the lunch room dreaming of an opportunity to be the big man on campus. Then radio came along and all of a sudden they are the afternoon quarterbacks with all the power – or so they think.
It is a dawn of a new day – more and more women are not only playing sports but into sports like never before.
I have been a fan of football since I was five or six years old thanks to my father. I used to tell him I wanted to win the Heisman trophy when I got older and he never flinched.
That is the world that I want to live in. Where men and women can both have love for the game.
See Minihane is the one who is truly gutless and all those who believe as he does.
I have the most respect for all those who have the balls to not only work with me but listen to me and like it. Because like Erin Andrews I’m not going anywhere anytime soon so boys – get used to it!