Will he or Won’t he

The Denver Broncos lost to the Indianapolis Colts.  The only take away from that game is will Peyton retire or come back for another season.  Look, it is no secret I am a huge Peyton Manning fan; I was down with him when he was with the Colts and when he got the boot I moved to Denver too.

I know the narrative happens when a 38-year-old quarterback has a bad game.  He is automatically questioned on if it is time to for him to leave the game. How could you forget the millions of stories about Brett Favre?  I get all that – but I agree with Deion Sanders who said that even at 38 years old Peyton is still better than 98% of the quarterbacks in the NFL today.

Will Peyton retire – who knows? I know he still has passion for the game and from we all saw this season he could still play at a high level.  I heard the cut downs “he’s a great regular season quarterback” you know how many quarterbacks would kill for his career?

Finally, I think Jim Irsay the owner of the Colts coming out after the Colts win saying he made the right decision was classless.  The decision has been made and everyone moved forward – what was the point of bringing that up again? Worry about your own issues Irsay.  If Luck has half of the career of Peyton Manning, he could only be so lucky.

Whatever Peyton decides to do – he will be missed, he has been great for the NFL and the game of football.