Will the EAGLES ever be VICKTORIOUS?

I would like to see the EAGLES win and have a good season.  I’m a Michael Vick fan so I want him to be successful and have a winning season.  But let’s face it – it is really hard to watch an Eagles game these days.  They are 3-5 and have lost 4 games in a row.  So who is at fault? If you listen to all the sports talk shows you hear things like “Mike Vick should be benched” “Andy Reid should be fired” “The Eagles need to start over.” Well the one thing everyone can agree on is that SOMETHING has to happen and fast.

I believe this is it for Andy Reid – his job has been on the line for years.  Because this time the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is ready to make something happen.  Over the summer Lurie had said that he needed to see “substantial improvement.”

Some believe that Mike Vick should be benched – I say he’s doing everything he can.  The fact that he gets no protection is utterly ridiculous.  I’m surprised he has any ribs left in his rib cage.  The offensive line is beyond weak. There is absolutely no wall of protection.  Now I get it – Vick has had some moments that have made me cringe – the interceptions, the fumbles.  But the sacks I’m not putting those on him.

The EAGLES are all over the place – I agree with those who said Coach Reid was too premature in firing the Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo; and they are not using LeSean McCoy effectively.

Like I stated in the beginning, I want the EAGLES to win because I really want Michael Vick to win. He is an amazing athlete and some of the things he did while playing for the FALCONS still give me chills. But as we all know he had to step away from the game and I don’t think he’s the same guy.  I still believe he is an incredible athlete but he’s changed.  He now runs to save his life because of the lack of protection.  He’s not a traditional pocket passer but the EAGLES are trying to make him one and it doesn’t work.  Vick needs to run that’s what he does – but more importantly he needs to be protected and the EAGLES NEED to come together as a team and quickly!